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Pet shop and groomer

Welcome to Cuidados Caninos Noelia Garcia, your trusted pets shop and dog´s groomer.


Do you think your Little one needs a god haircut? Do you want to provide the best posible food? Let metelll you, you´re in the right place!


At Cuidados Caninos Noelia Garcia we priritize the care and well-being of our furry Friends. Therefore, our establishment is responsable for supplying only the best quality products:

  • Snacks: liver, duck, ham, tuna, etc.
  • Food: cans of lamb, fish, poultry, etc.
  • Hygiene: perfumes with different aromas.

Also, in our grooming we look after the appearance and health of your pets. If you want your partner to shine with a special light, take a look at our services:

  • Basic bath
  • Special bath
  • Moisturizing Bath
  • Stripping
  • Mantle wooling
  • Ozonetherapy
  • Aromatic Geotherapy

In Cuidados Caninos Noelia Garcia we distinguis ourselves especially by theclose treatment towards animals and by the use of 100% natural cosmetics (free of toxic additives).


Check out our services

Antes del Stripping

Before stripping

Después del Stripping

After stripping


Mantle wooling

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