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Who we are.

Welcome to our website, I am Noelia García, profesional dog groomer and beautician.

In 2021 we started our big dream, an establishmente where we offer a comprehensive service of hygiene and maintenance of pets, where the priority is always your safety and health.


Little by Little we have been growing and creating a family, of which I feel very greteful. Thanks to this, we have been able to expand and créate a pet store in which we rely on improving their diet, health and well-being.


I update my trainig continuosly with the most recognized professionals in each specialty, such as:

  • Esther Cerro
  • Xisca Martorell
  • Azareth Cantú
  • Nati Gimenez Piñero
  • Isa Monzo
  • Noelia Comellas 
  • Marc Vázquez 
  • Anna Martínez  

We use 100% natural cosmetics, designed by and for animals.

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